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Group of Thermodynamics and Renewable Energy

The Group of Thermodynamics and Renewable Energy (GTER) is a university research group whose practice focuses in the field of solar energy. The GTER was established in 1981, at the initiative of D. Valeriano Ruiz Hernández, Professor of the School of Engineers (ETSI) of Sevilla. Over the years the group has been active in the field of energy research and development mainly in Andalusia under the following entities:


  • AICIA (Association for Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia).
  • US (University of Seville).
  • IAER (Andalusian Institute of Renewable Energy).
  • CENTER (Center for New Energy Technologies).
  • SODEAN (Energy Development Company of Andalusia).
  • ADESA (Association for Solar Energy Development and Alternatives in Andalusia).

    At its inception, the GTER was closely linked to the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), with which it has a partnership that has borne fruit in numerous projects around solar energy and its applications, mainly in the field of the solar thermal concentration systems. Alongside to the PSA, the GTER is also a special unit of the Andalusian Research Plan (PAI).